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About these Books   
These are whimsical stories told by Stanley Stick Dragon and the author.  In the first book 'Stanley Stick Dragon', Stanley explains how dragons fly, how they breathe fire, and he introduces the reader to certain dragon species.  In the second book 'Stanley Stick Dragon - His Journey Begins' you'll meet Landon who becomes Stanley's first human friend, and in 'Stanley Stick Dragon - Goes to School' you'll see Stanley really get to know human behavior!  On almost every page you will see 'author notes' where Olivia gives details about dragons to help the reader understand dragon folklore and fun facts. 


About the Author 
Olivia is a remarkable survivor.  She is a recipient of a Make-A-Wish grant, and a miracle to all that know her.
Her deepest desire is to inspire and motivate others and she will soon be writing her incredible personal story.
Olivia speaks at schools, libraries, clubs and conventions;
and you can also meet her and buy her books at many of the street fairs in Southern California.    





Excerpt from Book 1:

Stanley tells the reader:   “Now let's talk about fire breathing.

Breathing out a blast of fire can be a great tool or weapon but Dragons must use it properly!

As an example, my last breath of fire was so strong that I burned down a whole forest

instead of just cooking the wild mountain goat I had caught.”


Author’s Note:   Scientists hypothesize that Dragons produced a

flammable gas in their stomach that was ignited by flint or iron pyrite that was

stored in a special Spark Pouch in the Dragon’s mouth.

It is believed that Dragons forced the gas out of their stomachs while biting down on the flint or pyrite.

This spark and gas combination generated their fiery breath.


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